Use Cases and Benefits

oTokens can be directed to and replace common emissions sources such as Pool2/Liquidity mining, bribes, asset management, internal protocol mechanisms that require rewards for user deposits, and more. The benefits of doing so include:

Cost-Effective Token Emissions

OLM allows protocols to maintain cost-effectiveness in their token emissions strategy. Unlike traditional incentives distributed without receiving anything in return, OLM enables issuers to acquire assets, specifically the chosen quote asset, as oTokens are exercised. This approach channels value back to the treasury and mitigates the impact of token emissions.

Enhanced Treasury Management

OLM aligns perfectly with treasury management strategies. Through oTokens, issuers can diversify their treasuries by acquiring assets such as stablecoins, ETH, LP tokens, or even strategic assets (e.g. CVX). This approach bolsters the project's financial stability and provides a flexible means to manage treasury composition.

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