Previous Issuers

For full case studies on the issuers below, view our Community Resources.

  • Pendle: Acquired ETH through bonds to establish liquidity on Arbitrum

  • Threshold Network: Deployed bonds in a multi-phase approach to deepen liquidity for tBTC and acquire protocol-owned liquidity on key Curve pools

  • Redacted: Acquired USDC through bonds to extend runway

  • GMX: Acquired DAI through bonds to fund growth initiatives

  • Y2K Finance: Acquired USDC to fund growth initiatives

  • ShapeShift: Acquired stablecoins to extend runway and fund operations

  • JPEG’d: Acquired CVX through bonds to bolster yield on their liquidity pools and increase protocol usage, establishing a revenue flywheel

  • Ethos Reserve/ByteMasons: Deployed a bond market to increase ERN (their stable asset) and OATH (their governance/revenue capturing token) liquidity and provide a low-friction path for new ecosystem entrants

  • Lodestar Finance: Acquired USDC through bonds to fund their security audit

  • Dex Finance: Utilized bonds to acquire a diverse range of assets to support multiple use cases

  • Metavault DAO: Acquired USDC through bonds to fund the development of their upcoming product and generate yield via their new tokenomics model

  • IQ.Wiki: Acquired ETH through bonds to diversify the treasury

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